kombucha brewing

Brew your own

Kombucha is a fermented, fizzy, tea-based drink packed with a flavor-punch that is both delightful and healthy. It’s made using a combination of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) to promote healthy acids and beneficial probiotics. KOMBU makes it easy to brew your own.

kombucha brew

Bubbling with benefits

The Fermenstation features a modern design that is purpose built to craft your Kombucha.



Store–bought Kombucha is $3.99 a bottle. Brew your own for $0.39.



Lower sugar and more probiotics. Enjoy a real unprocessed raw kombucha.



It’s simple to brew, with easily accessible ingredients, and it's always available.

kombu side

Smooth Fermenter

Let’s get things bubbling with dual-stage fermentation. Ferment the first stage (F1) for plain Kombucha, then ferment the second stage (F2) for flavor and carbonation.

kombu front lid device kombucha

At a glance

Controlled 🌡️

2-stage fermentation using a low heating, temperature-controlled system with minimal analog buttons.

Connected 🤳🏽

Stay connected by using the IoT mobile app to control the device, like setting timers, and monitoring the temperature.

Iconic Design 🛸

This countertop hero sports a slim and compact footprint, plus a sleek design that’ll look good wherever you set it.

KOMBU mobile app

Control Center

Download the IoT app to have KOMBU at the touch of your fingertips.