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Your Microbiome 🦠

Your Microbiome 🦠

Understanding the Microbiome: Your Body's Hidden World 🦠


Chances are, even if you don't consider yourself a wellness enthusiast, you've come across terms like "microbiome" and "gut." 🧘 But what exactly do these words mean, and how do they differ? 

Fear not, as we're here at KOMBU to unravel the mysteries of gut health and make it easily digestible. 💩

In simple terms, the microbiome is the bustling community of friendly bacteria and yeast, also known as microbes, residing in your gastrointestinal tract – or as we affectionately call it, the "gut." 🏠

If you zoom in, you'll discover that within a healthy human gut, there exist between 300 to 500 different species of organisms. 🦠

Altogether, these microscopic residents possess over 2 million genes, making the gut, also known as the microbiome, significantly larger than our own human genome – roughly 10 times bigger. 🤯

The sheer abundance of these microorganisms compared to our own cells naturally raises questions about the mysterious ongoings within. 🤔


So, what exactly does this microbiome do? With such a thriving population of microbes, it's no surprise that a lot is happening in your gut. The microbiome plays a pivotal role in influencing your energy levels, moods, sleep patterns, digestion, metabolism, inflammation, and immunity. It accomplishes this through four primary functions:

  1. Extracting calories and nutrients from food that your body's organs alone cannot digest or metabolize. 🍔
  2. Synthesizing crucial compounds that your body relies on for a multitude of functions. 🔋
  3. Breaking down substances that your body doesn't require or want. 🧹
  4. Protecting against invasive or "bad" pathogens. ⚔️


Why should we take an interest in the microbiome?

At some point in medical history, the microbiome earned the unfortunate moniker "the forgotten organ." 🫥 This label is not only inaccurate since the microbiome isn't an organ in the traditional sense but also underscores how little we knew about this integral part of the human body for most of scientific history.

In reality, the human microbiome is so vital to numerous bodily functions that it should never be relegated to the bottom of the list or forgotten altogether. If we genuinely care about our moods, energy levels, sleep quality, inflammation, blood sugar levels, or immune responses, our microbiome should be the first place we turn our attention. 🥇

By incorporating kombucha brewing as part of a healthy lifestyle you can aid in maintaining a diverse microbiome. 💪

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